1. Melissa Webb

    Congratulations, Jennifer. Your site looks really good; I'm always having homeschool moms ask about "fun" science.

    Here are a couple of thoughts: (1) You may want to mention where you live since you offer group activities. You mention the county, but I had to look that up to see where it is. I believe you are in Florida. So, if you do have that on your site somewhere, I did not see it. (2) I'm contacting public charter schools who provide vendor funds for their families. Families much prefer spending the school money than money out of pocket. Perhaps you are already doing that, too, but just in case you are not, I wanted to share that.

    I will be sure to share your site with the homeschooling community I have here in SoCal. Keep up the great work.

    1. Jennifer Howell

      Thanks for your input, Melissa! Your comment reminded me that I've been meaning to delete the classes page. I'm winding down on the in-person classes to focus on the online video lessons. I appreciate you sharing the site!