1. Carolyn Lincoln

    Thank you S & J!

    Update... in the last month, that seriously went from just over 300 to over 1000 subscribers!!! I ran a great campaign over those four weeks with lots of fb testing to get them. It was so exciting and led to a number of sales - 7 from the funnel and ads. I have 18 in the course now because I got a few people outside of the sales funnel by phone.

    I've done some group calls to my "members", added some new content and it's been really fun to see their success with even more great feedback. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But my second "launch" early this month, didn't go as well because my message may be a little off so I'm working on that now before I try again. I'll be changing my message from "If you have this problem..." to "If you tried to fix this problem over and over and it's not working, it's because you really need to address this other problem..." In other words, instead of "If your dog is barking, you need to do this..." to "If you dog is barking and you've tried x, y and z and your dog is still barking then you need this..." because that is really where my course helps people.

    Once I get this all good and I can scale, then I'll make it a membership instead of just a course. My goal is to do that by June or if not ready then by September.

    Thank you S&J. By the way - my favorite blueprint video so far is the one on creating content!

  2. Avygail Post author

    OH MY GOSH! 300 to over 1000 subscribers?! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! We'll be sure to make this a news headline in a few months or so. ๐Ÿ˜€