Next Member Call: Tuesday 3/31, 9PM Eastern (Grab your spot…)

Our next Flip Your Life Community Member Call is Tuesday Night, March 31st, 2020 at 9PM Eastern.

On the call, we will come together as a Community and…

  • Start an 8-week “Next Level Your Membership” challenge! We are going to walk through The Flip Your Life Blueprint over the next 60-days TOGETHER. For the beginner, this will be a great chance to make MASSIVE progress in launching your membership business. For those who are already leading communities, we will help you audit your systems to make sure you are running on all cylinders and maximizing profit during these crazy times. Walking through the blueprint TOGETHER will help us all survive and even thrive in the current economic crisis!
  • Do a LIVE Q&A w/ S&J! We will answer your questions on creating your business, marketing your business, and leading your memberships during these crazy times!
  • Reveal some unique and innovative strategies to sell more memberships right now, even with everything that is going on in the world!

You NEED to be on our member calls for the next 60-days!

We don’t want you to go through these crazy times all alone.

As we all experience quarantines, lockdowns, and economic shutdowns is more important now than every before to come together as a united COMMUNITY!

The President announced yesterday that the Federal Social Distancing Guidelines will continue until April 31st, 4 weeks from now (at least).

As states see increases in Coronavirus patients, local and state governments will continue to keep businesses closed.

Let’s ride out this storm together, and GROW during these challenging times!

We are ONLINE ENTREPRENEURS for a reason.

This is our time to shine.

We have a duty to come together, and do what we do best… keep the economy MOVING!

See you on Tuesday, March 31st at 9PM.


Grab your spot here (all attendees need to register to get reminders, replays, and a spot on the call.  Members only.  Please do not share this link):


Shane & Jocelyn
Hosts of The Flipped Lifestyle™ Podcast
Leaders of The Flip Your Life™ Community